To Donate, Donor shall be a Nepali citizen either living in Nepal or abroad.
NOTE: People, who do not hold Nepali Citizenship, can still contribute by working as an intern or volunteer for the party.
विवेकशील नेपाली दललाई दिइएको दान आय कर ऐन अन्तर्गत छुट दिइएको छ। दान दिनको लागि दाता नेपाल या विदेशमा बस्ने नेपाली नागरिक हुनुपर्दछ।
नोट :नेपाली नागरिकता नभएका व्यक्तिहरुले पनि अन्य श्रोत साधन जस्तै स्वयं सेवक भएर सहयोग गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ।

1. Go to this link. You should see the screen like below :


2. Enter in the email field and enter amount you would like to fund us in the amount field and choose the currency. The screen should look similar as follows:


3. Click Send Money and follow the instruction.

Thanks for your support. Please write to us at if you need any assistance.

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